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Sticky Cyrkam Airtös Interactive Game

Here's how to show those punks at the water cooler who’s got game.

We created Cyrkam Airtös, an online game, and sent the link to a couple hundred marketing managers to show off our work. It went viral so fast, we didn't know what hit. Played by millions of visitors, Cyrkam Airtös became the best way to prove you're the Kareem Abdul-Jabbar of the cube farm.

It's nice to get a shout-out from SportsIllustrated.com. And to get a 9 out of 10 rating from Channel4.com. To be called “a true work of genius" and “the daddy of office-based games" by FHM.com (which ranked Airtos #18 of the 100 Greatest Games). And to be described as “one of the best flash games" with "great physics [and] video capture/digitisation" by rocketboots.com.

But where we really scored big was learning on our feet: scaling up quickly, and assessing the benefits of fee-based versus ad-supported revenue streams.