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CRAiLAR Website

Spring-boarding off its logo, we built a website and brand guide for our new favorite fiber.

CRAiLAR is a new all-natural fiber which is the result of a proprietary process that renders flax to be as soft, absorbent, and durable as cotton. Factor in that CRAiLAR uses significantly less water and fewer chemicals to process than cotton, yet yields more biomass, and it’s easy to see how CRAiLAR stands to trigger a sustainable revolution in the textile industry.

For CRAiLAR’s new website, we wanted to make this planet-friendly fiber a quick “get” for consumers and potential business partners. There was a lot of science in telling the CRAiLAR story, and we needed to find fresh ways to simplify the content. With the use of engaging icons, easy-to-understand graphs and charts, finely honed messaging and emotive natural photography, we were able to entice users down a delightful path of discovery.

In addition to a successful website, CRAiLAR came away with an established toolbox of branded assets and style specs to use in other channels to further strengthen the brand story.

  • Companies interested in using CRAiLAR in their products can easily find and follow rich informational resources.

  • Farmers considering growing CRAiLAR can learn more about the plant, its cultivation, and contracting with CRAiLAR in the Farming Flax section.

  • A company history for CRAiLAR, as well as financial reports and resources, is nested in an investor alcove.