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Dutch National Ballet Interactive Environment

We helped develop a new way to experience dance.

This visionary pas de trois combined Juanjo Arques's groundbreaking choreography, architect Marc Koehler's fascination with how people move through spaces, and Sticky’s unique brand of technical and creative expertise. The final result was a custom movement-tracking system that traced the dancers' gestures in real time, then projected the intricate motion patterns as dynamically generated graphics.

Premiering at a festival of innovative new work at Stadsschouwburg of Amsterdam, "the applied science sparked off the dance, inspiring some of the most exciting choreography," according to Dance Europe magazine, which praised the "mix of aesthetic beauty and edgy confrontation" for "achieving a dynamic balance between the technology and the dance." What can we say? We like work that keeps people on their toes.

  • Ensemble work created fresh form.

  • Viewers could appreciate patterns of movement in a whole new way.

  • A beautiful duet took on another dazzling dimension.

  • The cameras and computers hanging above the stage offered their own kind of technical elegance.