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Tour de UPC Multimedia Campaign

Custom vintage-style creative online and off led to increased participation and breakaway sales volume.

UPC is one of Europe’s largest telecommunications companies, with 13 subsidiaries across the continent. When it wanted to boost business in a big way, UPC came to Sticky to create an internal multimedia campaign to motivate its sales managers.

For this campaign, we crafted our theme around the Tour de France, designing vintage-style bicycle posters and postcards to complement the microsite. The online experience included weekly comicstrips that incorporated CEOs and their teams into the story lines, touching on the pain points of that week, and always ending on a fun cliff-hanger. It also featured regularly updated team statistics and a Tour de UPC course map that marked the advancement of teams as they competed for the yellow jersey in sales and customer service each week.

  • Vintage-style bicycle posters featuring CEOs from each UPC subsidiary stoked team excitement.