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UPC A.G.E.N.T. 006 Multimedia Campaign

Our James Bond-inspired campaign left employees stirred, not shaken.

UPC is one of Europe’s largest telecommunications companies, with 11 subsidiaries across the continent. When it wanted to boost business in a big way, UPC came to Sticky to create an internal multimedia campaign to motivate its sales managers.

For this campaign, we crafted our theme around secret agents—each agent being a CEO of a UPC subsidiary. We created an animated teaser video, weekly stats emails, spoof spy dossiers, and I Spy posters with top-secret coded messages. It isn't hard to decipher why the campaign was such a smashing success.

  • Hand-illustrated I Spy campaign posters were customized for each of the competing subsidiaries. Because our design required only one plate change per customization, the client got high quality at a low cost.

  • Not-so-secret intelligence: weekly stats were sent via email with competition-themed comics.

  • Spoof spy dossiers put the spotlight on top executives, who were on a mission to increase sales.

  • Take a closer look . . . each campaign poster is encoded with secret messages to inspire employees.