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UPC Quest Multimedia Campaign

Custom-made action figures of all 12 CEOS was just the beginning.

UPC is one of Europe’s largest telecommunications companies, with 12 subsidiaries across the continent. When it wanted to boost business in a big way, UPC came to Sticky to create an internal multimedia campaign to motivate its sales managers.

For this campaign, we crafted our theme around intergalactic superheroes—each superhero being a CEO of a UPC subsidiary. We created custom space posters and CEO action figures to complement the starlog-style microsite. The online experience included weekly webisodes and regularly updated team statistics as the teams battled it out for best sales and customer service. The results? Out of this world.

  • We turned CEOs into superheroes with these custom-made action figures.

  • The one-off awards won hearts throughout company.

  • We created campaign posters for each participating UPC subsidiary. The result? Amazing lift-off in sales and customer service.